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This page contains a listing (from most recent to earliest) of press releases and articles formerly featured in the Harris County Green Party "In the Press."

In the Press 2006

June 2006: San Antonio Current tells about the ballot access drive

In the Press 2004

November 2004: Harris County Green Party protests destruction of Fallujah

June 2004: Texans Back David Cobb, 'safe states' Strategy (June 14)

May 2004: Under the Hood of the Green Machine (MSNBC) May 17

May 2004: Vote AGAINST Proposition 1 in Houston by May 15

In the Press 2003

Dec 2003: Common Dreams article - Breakthrough and Peril

Nov 2003: Houston Chronicle front page article about Green Party plans for 2004

Oct 2003: News Conference: Green Party Announces Endorsements in City and School Board Elections

In the Press 2002

March 2002: Health Care for All Demanded at City Hall

March 2002: San Francisco Passes IRV Electoral Reform

February 2002: HCGP Endorses Health Care For All

February 2002: Nader Had it Right All Along

January 2002: Nader: Democracy works, get involved

In the Press 2001

December 1:
Green Party helps beat the machine, build model for popular democracy

October 4: Green Party of the United States Statement on the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001

September 26: Nader calls for Permanent Patriotism

September 11: Greens Condemn Violent Attacks on New York, the Penatgon, and Pennsylvania

September 6: Green Party Exceeds August Monthly Goals for Edwards Campaign

August 21: First Electronic Town Hall Meeting Focuses on Senate District 30 Special Election

July 16: Green Party Endorses Barbara Ashley for City Council

July 3: Forgiveness of Debt is Among the Urgent Measures Necessary to Stem the AIDS Epidemic Say Greens

June 28: Greens Call Patient's Rights Laws Inadequate

June 23: Greens Unite at the Houston Pride Parade

June 22: Greens Step Up the Call to Boycott Major Oil Companies After Bush's European Trip

June 18: Greens Get in Gear for Realistic Drug Policy Reform in 2003

June 5: Green Party Victory in Los Angeles, CA elections

June 4: Green Party of Texas 2001 State Convention Report

May 23: Historic Living Wage Victory in Santa Monica

May 20: Green Party Election Report 2001

May 6: Supporters take Ada Edwards campaign to 'our streets'

April 22: Green Party Festival Puts Earth in Earth Day

April 2: Harris County to select electronic voting equipment; IRV capability to be investigated

Mar. 19: Ada Edwards addresses HCGP

Feb. 26: Lending a Green Helping Hand in the Third Ward

Feb. 19: Harris County Green Party Elects New Leadership

Spring 2001 : Impressive Ballot Drive, Campaign Put Texas Greens on Political Map

Spring 2001 : Green Party Experiences Record Growth in 2000

in the press 2000

Nov. 2000: Abortion, Feminism and My Vote for Nader by Nikki Craft

Sept. 27, 2000: Green Party Candidates Win ACORN PAC Endorsement

June 24, 2000: Green Party Endorses National Platform; Gay & Lesbian, HIV Central Issues

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