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Guest Info

Current Crew includes:
C. Lee Taylor,
Brian Harrison,
David Collins,
Maria Ciepiel,
Jackie Carpenter*,
Art Browning
[* HMS certified Technical Directors]

Past and occasional crew:
Jon Axford* (passed), Gordon Anderson*, Mike, Don Cook, Chris Legier, Jonathan Swiler, Brad Burkons, Becky Stephens*, Bonnie Lambourn, Suzy Wager, Shelly Fitzgerald, Scott Trimble,
Rupert*, Duane Bradley, Philip Jackson, Lytle Seibert, John Tarleton, Gretchen Hollingsworth, Tony Williams, David Cobb, Chris Switzer, Charlie Mauch, Cameron Payne, Beth Hollingsworth, Michael Poehls, Alan Arevalo, and more, in supportive and contributory roles.

Music Credits

Lists of shows from years past:

Our Media Heroes:
Amy Goodman,
Bill Moyers,
CPR, LinkTV,
Flashpoints, FSRN, FSTV, GritTV, HIMC,
KPFT News,
Voices at Work,
Ray Hill, etc.




GreenWatch TV
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Greenwatch TV -- past programs, 2012

As of late 2007, we archive our shows where you can watch them at your leisure -- low-definition, about an hour each; see the links embedded in each show's description below.
back to current year -- ARCHIVES online-- airing live fortnightly Mondays 8-9 pm, HMSTV

December 10: Topic - Economic Inequality
WATCH this on the WEB: Vimeo.

November 26: Topic - Gaza, from the Heart
WATCH this on the WEB: Vimeo.

November 12: Topic - Compassionate Communiction
WATCH this on the WEB: Vimeo.

October 29: Topics - Three Green Party candidates in Texas
WATCH this on the WEB: Vimeo.

October 15: Topics - Move to Amend, and Texas Organizing Project
WATCH this on the WEB: Vimeo.

October 1: Topics - Green Party nationwide candidates; Occupy Houston 1st Anniversary
WATCH this on the WEB: Vimeo.

September 17: Topic - Living Green in Houston
WATCH this on the WEB: Vimeo.

August 20 : Topic - Buffalo Bayou, Houston status report
WATCH this on the WEB: Vimeo.

August 6 : Topic - Blockade the Tar Sand Pipeline; Henry Cooper
(Archive yet to be made)

July 23: Topic - Green Party Politics.
Report-back from the national GP convention held in Baltimore; Texas Civics 101
WATCH this on the WEB: Vimeo.

July 9: Topic -
(Archive yet to be made)

June 25: Topic - Immigrants, Janitors, SEIU, etc
WATCH this on the WEB: Vimeo

June 11: Topic - report back from GPTX state convention
plus, Texas Civics 101 and local Green Party candidates
WATCH this on the WEB: Vimeo
We aired a brief speech by Jill Stein. from San Antonio.

May 28: Topic - pre-empted by Memorial Day Holiday
We aired a pre-recorded tape of David Cobb.

May 14: Topic - Civil Rights
WATCH this on the WEB: Vimeo

April 30: Topic - Complete Streets Houston
WATCH this on the WEB: Vimeo

April 16: Topics - 420 Events in Houston; Occupy Houston update
WATCH this on the WEB: Vimeo

April 2: Topic - The Affordable Care Act
On this, the week after the Supreme Court of the United States heard arguments about the constitutuionality of what is ofter derisively called "Obamacare" we invited our friends Dr. Christine Adams, Ken Kenegos and Dr. Peg Nosek (from Health Care for All Texas)to discuss the issue with our crew member Jackie Carpenter filling in very nicely as host.
WATCH this on the WEB: Vimeo

March 5: Topic - The Case for Prison Abolition
Discussion with Frank Knaack (ACLU-Texas) and Remington Allessi (Green Party candidate for Harris County Sheriff), with a video clip of Angela Davis speaking to the issue.
WATCH this on the WEB: Vimeo

February 6: Topic - Police Brutality in Houston
Discussion with Krystal Muhammad (Black Justice Coalition) and Remington Allessi (Green Party candidate for Harris County Sheriff) on the first anniversary of the video showing the beating of Chad Holley.
WATCH this on the WEB: Vimeo

January23: Topic - Feminism, Occupy, Society
Our three guests go into many of issues facing and faced by women.
WATCH this on the WEB: Vimeo

January 9 : Topic - Lunar Solar Power
Our guests, David Crisswell and George Reiter, professors of Physics at University of Houston, discuss a project to beam solar power from the moon to earth in a way that would provide every person on earth as much electricity as we Texans use on average.
WATCH this on the WEB: Vimeo

Previous years (click on the year to see details)

2011 Some of our shows: Torture on Death Row, Street Art, Conroe Toxic Wells, Bicycling in Houston, Occupy Texas!

2010 Of particular note: we won an award for a show we did on Human Trafficking in Houston.

2009 Includes: Media, HEALTH CARE Health Care health care, Human Trafficking, Air Quality, Vaccines, Climate Disruption, Domestic Violence, Death Row, ACORN, Building Materials Reuse Warehouse, more.

2008 Includes: Localism, Cynthia McKinney, ICE Raids, Racism, SEIU and Aramark, Toxic Tour of east Houston, on Hearing Loss, Remove Rosenthal (Bad DA), Stop Executions NOW, Stop Sweatshops, Transportation, and more...

2007 Includes: Clean Elections, 4 impeachment shows, 2 health care shows, Katrina survivors, water, black history, Tazers, Texas Greens, Cynthia McKinney, and much more.

2006 Includes: SHROC VI, Justice for Janitors, Elections 2006, Defending Women's Rights, Domestic Violence, Climate Crisis, Mountaintop Removal, Houston Social Forum, Immigrant Rights, Mental Health, and much more.

2005 Includes: Frances Newton, Election Fraud, Immigration, Women's Health, Iraq War, Veterans, Etc.

2004 Includes: Values and Politics, Radical Encuentro, Texas Water Resources, Mr. Sharon Tear Down that Wall, Electronic Elections, Proposition 1 (Spring 2004 in Houston), What is going ON in Haiti, Immigrants and Homeland Security.

2003 Includes: Local Elections (Dec 10; Oct 1, 15, 31; Sep 17), Simplicity, Iraq Quagmire, Globalization/WTO, Hispanic Politics, Gay Rights, Tree Sitting, Cuba, Health Care, FCC, Flooding, Women and War, Labor Day, War and Immigrants, Death Penalty (Apr 3, Jan 23), Progressive Media, Living Wage, Peace Movement, and the Souls of Black Folk.

2002 Includes: Civil Rights in Perilous Times (Robert Jensen, Danalyn Recer), Police Accountability (Civilians Down, Corpus Justice, Copwatch), Rahul Mahajan for Governor, Texans for Gun Safety, The New Katy Freeway, Labor Day Special, HIV at home and in the world, Plan Colombia, Pacifica Radio, Health Care for All, Palestine, Latino Labor, Congo Conflict, African American History, Enron and Deregulation, Cuba, statewide Green Party candidates for office, and more.

2001 Includes: School of the Americas Watch, Peace, Middle East Policy, LGBT Politics in Houston, Alternative Media, Marijuana Law Reform, Immigration Issues, Death Row, Prisons and Criminal Justice (Ray Hill), Corporate Misbehavior (Ralph Nader taped), Third World Debt (Jere Locke), Environmental Issues, Green Party supported local candidates, and more.

Music played during the show (especially during in-tro and out-tro) has been an evolving element. In the beginning back in late 1999/early 2000 or so, canned 'public domain' clips gave something... Then we got a Free Radicals CD and encouragement to use it on the air free from Houston musician/activist Nick Cooper, so we used several cuts from that pretty exclusively for a year or so. Then on KPFT's Democracy Now! we heard "Is It For Freedom" by Sara Thomsen, tracked her down and got permission to use that song, so did and still do upon occasion. We also play songs from GASCD, including Bruce Cockburn "Call It Democracy", Propaghandi "Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes", Michael Franti "Oh My God", Rheostatics "Bad Time to be Poor" -- Get this excellent double disk set! (GASCD: Governments Accountable to Society and Citizens = Democracy; thanks, Susan and Allan in Ontario, for turning us on to this.) And we're looking to air tunes from Green Revolution when/if Sudden Death responds. Listen up for David Rovics, Dave Lippman, or you never know who might show up live in the studio, Darryl Cherney did once... Come on down! Our show ends at 10:00 PM and a short, topical song might fit in real nice to close the show...

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