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Guest Info

Art Browning,

Jackie Carpenter,
Jon Axford

Current Crew includes:
Jon Axford,
Jackie Carpenter,
Gordon Anderson,
C. Lee Taylor,
Brian Harrison,
Art Browning

Past and occasional crew:
Suzy Wager, Shelly Fitzgerald, Scott Trimble,
Rupert, Philip Jackson, Michael Poehls, Lytle Seibert, John Tarleton, Gretchen Hollingsworth, Don Cook, David Cobb, Chris Switzer, Charlie Mauch, Cameron Payne, Bonnie Lambourn, Brad Burkons, Beth Hollingsworth, Becky Stephens, Alan Arevalo, and more, in supportive and contributory roles.

Music Credits

Lists of shows from years past:

Our Media Heroes:
Amy Goodman,
Bill Moyers,
CPR, LinkTV,
Flashpoints, FSRN, FSTV, GritTV, HIMC,
KPFT News,
Voices at Work,
Ray Hill, etc.




Greenwatch TV -- past programs, 2010

As of late 2007, we archive our shows where you can watch them at your leisure -- low-definition, about an hour each; see the links embedded in each show's description below.
back to current year -- ARCHIVES online-- airing live fortnightly Mondays 8-9 pm, HMSTV/streaming

 wrapped programs
(see bottom of page for links to written records from the past decade, & music credits)

December 29: Topic - My Houston 2040, Visions for the future of our city. Guests - Robin Holzer (Citizens Transportation Coalition), Jay Blazek Crossley (Houston Tomorrow), Matthew Tejada (Air Alliance Houston). You can find all these good folks, & us, Greenwatch, on Facebook. And everywhere on the internet. Easily.
WATCH this on the WEB: Vimeo

December 15: Topic - No Spanking, an end to corporal punishment. Guests - Deb Shafto and George Reiter (Harris County Green Party steering committee)
WATCH this on the WEB: Vimeo

December 1: Topic - Campaign Finance Reform.
Guests: David Overcash (The Coffee Party), with Andy Wilson (Public Citizen, Austin) on the phone.
Our guests worked on this case as part of The Innocence Project, and have a lot to be happy about.
WATCH this on the WEB: Vimeo

November 17: Topic - The Death Penalty in Texas and the Anthony Graves case.
Guests: Nicole Casares (Professor at St. Thomas University), Gia Gustilo and Pearl Cajoles.
Our guests worked on this case as part of The Innocence Project, and have a lot to be happy about.
WATCH this on the WEB: Vimeo

November 3: Topic - Green Party election wrap-up.
Guests: Deb Shafto (ran for Governor of Texas), Art Browning (ran for Texas Railroad Commission), and call-in guest Jim Howe (ran
for US Congress,Texas District 11) discuss Green Party results around the country, ramifications of the turnover in the political power balance, and the way forward for progressives.
WATCH this on the WEB: Vimeo

October 20: Topic - Green Party candidates in Texas.
Excellent call-in guests: Jim Howe (
for US Congress,Texas District 11), and Paul Cardwell (for Texas State Board of Education, District 9); and equally fine studio guests
, Joel West (for Texas House, District 144), and Don Cook (for Harris County Clerk).
WATCH this on the WEB: Vimeo

October 6 : Topic - On Civil Disobedience.
Guests: Ben Browning (
local activist), Ray Hill (Citizen Provocateur), Scott Parkin (Rainforest Action Network), and Diane Wilson (CodePink)
WATCH this on the WEB: Vimeo

September 22: Topic - Greening Houston.
Guests: Lisa Lin (
Green Week Houston), LaVaughn Mosley (Project Respect), Matthias Jung (Houston Solar Tour), and Ryan Foshee (Houston Green Office Challenge)
WATCH this on the WEB: Vimeo

September 8: Topic - Green Party candidates for public office.
Guests: Deb Shafto (for Governor of Texas), Joel West (for Texas State Represntative, District 144); brief call-in from Jim Howe (for US Congress, TX District 11)
WATCH this on the WEB: Vimeo

August 25: Topic - Homeless in Houston - services for and how it feels.
Guests: Marilyn Fountain (Star of Hope), Joseph 'Cowboy' Benson (SEARCH), Dr. David Buck (Health Care for the Homeless)
WATCH this on the WEB: Vimeo

August 11: Topic - Opposition to the proposed White Stallion power plant in Matagorda County.
Guests: Allison Sliva (No Coal Coalition), Ryan Rittenhouse (Public Citizen), Shondra Wygal (Sierra Club)
WATCH this on the WEB: Vimeo

July 28: Topic - CIVICUS: Grassroots Democracy.
Guests: Cleveland Gite (host), Michelle Barnes, Omawale Luthuli.
WATCH this on the WEB: Vimeo

July 14: Topic - Pastors for Peace and the Cuba Caravan.
Guests: Gloria Rubac, Ayana Ade, Alma Diaz Cooper.
Waiting on DVD to capture, compress, and upload archive

June 30 : Due to travel by several of the crew, we re-aired the Cap-and-Trade show from earlier this year.

June 16 : Live show was pre-empted by power outage announced the day before by Center Point due to construction of the new East End light rail. We had planned a show about opposition to the proposed White Stallion power plant in Matagorda County. The show aired August 1.

June 2 : Topics - Protests in Houston against Chevron; a visit to Lousiana coastline polluted by BP.
Guest hosts: Liana Lopez (Nuestra Palabra, KPFT 90.1 FM), Bryan Parras (T.E.J.A.S.)
We also showed tape of part of a press conference by George Galloway (former Member of Parliament in the UK) objecting to Israeli commandos killing peace activists on boats carrying relief supplies to Gaza early this week.

May 19: Topic - Anarchism - really [past, present, future - dispelling myths and misunderstandings]
Guests: Cale, René, and Daniel, volunteers at the local, radical infoshop/library/meeting place, Sedition Books on Richmond just east of Montrose.
WATCH this on the WEB:

May 5 (Cinco de Mayo): Topic - Immigration - in the wake of Arizona whacky legislation.
Guests: Mike Chavez (American Dream Community Agency), Cesar Espinoza (Houston America for All), Maria Jimenez (Coalition in Defense of the Community), Oscar Hernandez (F.I.E.L., Immigrant Families & Students in Struggle).
WATCH this on the WEB:

April 21: Topic - Houston Arab-American Women who inspire us
Host: Jackie Carpenter
Guests: Lilas Taha, Hadeel Asali, Sahar Abusada.
Their LINKS, in order: Asians Against Domestic Abuse, Houston Palestine FIlm Festival, Palestinians for Peace and Democracy (Houston)
WATCH this on the WEB:

April 7 : Topic - Local Grassroots Activists
Houston Institute for Culture (HIMC).
Guests: Mark Lacy and Marie Elena Cortes
Food Not Bombs Houston (FNB).
Guests: Michelle, Monica, Travis.
WATCH these on the WEB:
HIMC Vimeo, FNB Vimeo

March 24: Topic - What's happening with Health Care legislation?
GUESTS: Health Care for All Texans.

1) Dr. Christine Adams,
2) Ken Kenegos, R.N.
3) Peg Nosek, Ph.D.

March 10: Topic - Green Party 2010 ballot access drive.
Harris County Green Party people seeking nomination at the GPTX convention in June to run for various offices in and around the great state of Texas.
1) Bart Boyce (anti-candidate for governor),
2) Deb Shafto (seeking nomination for governor), and
3) Christine Morshedi (co-chair, Green Party of Texas).

February 24: Topic - Iraq Update
We removed the archive of this show at the request of the guest because of worries that his business and source of livelihood might suffer as a result of his being so outspoken. We respect his courage in appearing live on TV in the first place.

February 10: Topic - Cap and Trade
Guests: Barry Lefer (UH Professor) and Emeka Durruigbo (TSU Professor)

How this plan simply transfers the rights to pollute the air.

January 27: Topic - HAITI
Guests: Survivors and family

Reactions and support, some history, some pleas, some insights:
1) Sophia Leveque (Haiti Counts),
2) Marie Baptiste (Haitian Multicultural Association),
3) Mawiyah Duperval (Haitian American Ministry), and
4) Caroline and Emmanuel Dumay.

January 13: Topic - Terrorism and Civil Liberties
Guest: Maida Asofsky [ACLU-Texas].

Examining freedom and security.

Previous years (click on the year to see details)

2009 Includes: Media, HEALTH CARE Health Care health care, Human Trafficking, Air Quality, Vaccines, Climate Disruption, Domestic Violence, Death Row, ACORN, Building Materials Reuse Warehouse, more.

2008 Includes: Localism, Cynthia McKinney, ICE Raids, Racism, SEIU and Aramark, Toxic Tour of east Houston, on Hearing Loss, Remove Rosenthal (Bad DA), Stop Executions NOW, Stop Sweatshops, Transportation, and more...

2007 Includes: Clean Elections, 4 impeachment shows, 2 health care shows, Katrina survivors, water, black history, Tazers, Texas Greens, Cynthia McKinney, and much more.

2006 Includes: SHROC VI, Justice for Janitors, Elections 2006, Defending Women's Rights, Domestic Violence, Climate Crisis, Mountaintop Removal, Houston Social Forum, Immigrant Rights, Mental Health, and much more.

2005 Includes: Frances Newton, Election Fraud, Immigration, Women's Health, Iraq War, Veterans, Etc.

2004 Includes: Values and Politics, Radical Encuentro, Texas Water Resources, Mr. Sharon Tear Down that Wall, Electronic Elections, Proposition 1 (Spring 2004 in Houston), What is going ON in Haiti, Immigrants and Homeland Security.

2003 Includes: Local Elections (Dec 10; Oct 1, 15, 31; Sep 17), Simplicity, Iraq Quagmire, Globalization/WTO, Hispanic Politics, Gay Rights, Tree Sitting, Cuba, Health Care, FCC, Flooding, Women and War, Labor Day, War and Immigrants, Death Penalty (Apr 3, Jan 23), Progressive Media, Living Wage, Peace Movement, and the Souls of Black Folk.

2002 Includes: Civil Rights in Perilous Times (Robert Jensen, Danalyn Recer), Police Accountability (Civilians Down, Corpus Justice, Copwatch), Rahul Mahajan for Governor, Texans for Gun Safety, The New Katy Freeway, Labor Day Special, HIV at home and in the world, Plan Colombia, Pacifica Radio, Health Care for All, Palestine, Latino Labor, Congo Conflict, African American History, Enron and Deregulation, Cuba, statewide Green Party candidates for office, and more.

2001 Includes: School of the Americas Watch, Peace, Middle East Policy, LGBT Politics in Houston, Alternative Media, Marijuana Law Reform, Immigration Issues, Death Row, Prisons and Criminal Justice (Ray Hill), Corporate Misbehavior (Ralph Nader taped), Third World Debt (Jere Locke), Environmental Issues, Green Party supported local candidates, and more.

Music played during the show (especially during in-tro and out-tro) has been an evolving element. In the beginning back in late 1999/early 2000 or so, canned 'public domain' clips gave something... Then we got a Free Radicals CD and encouragement to use it on the air free from Houston musician/activist Nick Cooper, so we used several cuts from that pretty exclusively for a year or so. Then on KPFT's Democracy Now! we heard "Is It For Freedom" by Sara Thomsen, tracked her down and got permission to use that song, so did and still do upon occasion. We also play songs from GASCD, including Bruce Cockburn "Call It Democracy", Propaghandi "Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes", Michael Franti "Oh My God", Rheostatics "Bad Time to be Poor" -- Get this excellent double disk set! (GASCD: Governments Accountable to Society and Citizens = Democracy; thanks, Susan and Allan in Ontario, for turning us on to this.) And we're looking to air tunes from Green Revolution when/if Sudden Death responds. Listen up for David Rovics, Dave Lippman, or you never know who might show up live in the studio, Darryl Cherney did once... Come on down! Our show ends at 10:00 PM and a short, topical song might fit in real nice to close the show...

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