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Guest Info

Art Browning,

Jon Axford

Current Crew includes:
Jonathan Swiler,
Jon Axford,
Gordon Anderson,
C. Lee Taylor,
Brian Harrison,
Brad Burkons, &
Art Browning

Honored past crew:
Tony Williams, Suzy Wager, Shelly Fitzgerald, Scott Trimble,
Rupert, Michael Poehls, Lytle Seibert, John Tarleton, Gretchen Hollingsworth, David Cobb, Chris Switzer, Charlie Mauch, Cameron Payne, Bonnie Lambourn, Beth Hollingsworth, Becky Stephens, and more, in supportive and contributory roles.

Music Credits

Lists of shows from years past:

Our Media Heroes:
Amy Goodman,
Bill Moyers,
CPR, LinkTV,
Flashpoints, FSRN, FSTV, GritTV, HIMC,
KPFT News,
Voices at Work,
Ray Hill, etc.




Greenwatch TV -- past programs, 2008

As of late 2007, we archive our shows where you can watch them at your leisure -- low-definition, about an hour each; see the links embedded in each show's description below.
back to current year -- ARCHIVES online-- airing live fortnightly Wednesdays 8:30-9:30 pm, HMSTV/streaming

 Shows in 2008
(see bottom of page for links to records of previous years, and music credits)

December 31: A pre-taped show:
Our topic: Universal SINGLE PAYER Health Care for ALL!
This was a pre-taped show, because the studio closed at 6 pm for New Year's Eve. It consisted of speeches, skits, and songs recorded in front of Houston City Hall last fall. (See HCFAT)

December 17: A two-part show:
Gold mining in rural Guerrero, Mexico.
1: Amelia Perez, member of LAILA (La Asociación Immigrante para la Igualdad)
2: Evelio Bahena, resident of the community "El Limon" in Guerrero, Mexico
3. Gloria Rubac, translator and long-time local community activist
Gold mining blossoms in the state of Guerrero in southern Mexico. How do indigenous people feel about it? Are they being respected? Is their livelihood being threatened? Google Guerrero Gold and all you get is mining prospect reports. We learned more, from another side, this evening.
Contact: TEJAS
B: Progressive shows in Spanish on KPFT 90.1 FM Radio

1: Henry Cooper, programmer with Proyecto Latino Americano (Political Affairs for Spanish speakers), Tuesdays 9:00-10:00 PM on KPFT 90.1 FM Radio.
2: Bryan Parras, programmer with Nuestra Palabra (Latino writers having their say), Tuesdays 7:30-8:30 PM on KPFT 90.1 FM Radio.
Watch the show online at GOOGLE VIDEO.

December 3: Grassroots Media in our city, with representatives from "Houston Under Ground Media Explosion" (HUGME) collective formed at a recent convergence.
1: Lee Loe - Houston Peace News
2: Tish Stringer - Houston Indymedia,
Dangerous Media, KPFT

November 19 : Two DVDS
1: from California, "Crossing the Line: Journey to Awareness" by students at Richmond High School about the School of Americas vigils at Fort Hood, Georgia every year at this time.
2: from Houston, memorial for Carl Hampton, People's Party person killed by Houston police 38 years ago (July 26, 1970) a block north of Wheeler on Dowling.
(on-site video by Art, with Ester King, Bobby Freeman, Sensei and others.)

November 5 : Roundtable discussion about elections results
Gordon Anderson
Mark Lacy (Houston Institute for Culture)
Synthia Hall
call in: Stephen, poll worker
call in 2: Erika McDonald

October 22: ELECTIONS! A candidate, and tape from a rally
GUEST: Virginia "Ginny" Stogner McDavid, candidate for Texas State House of Representatives, District 136.
TAPE: from the Health Care for All Texans rally outside Houston City Hall held on October 4, 2008 (Speakers: Maria Palacios, Ana Malinow, Christine Morshedi)

October 8: Back on the Air, LIVE!
(The new studio at 410 Roberts Street is open. See www.hmstv.org)

1. C.O. "Brad" Bradford, candidate for Harris County District Attorney
2. Pat McCann, private defense attorney in Houston, advocate for a Public Defenders Office for Harris County

August 27; September 10 and 24:
STUDIO CLOSED, first due to move to 410 Roberts Street, then due to Hurricane Ike. We aired a pre-taped show, "Removing Rosenthal" for history.

August 13 : Health Care for All - Single Payer
1. Margaret Nosek, Exec Dir. of Center for Research on Women with Disabilities
2. Dr. Christine Adams, private psychologist; Secretary, Health Care For All Texas
3. Cathy Courtney, MPH, Educator, Raising Women's Voices Campaign
4. Matthew Loughran, Steering Committee member, Harris County Green Party
Watch the show online at GOOGLE VIDEO.

July 30: Green Party National Convention
GUESTS: Christine Morshedi; taped segments of Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente. Reporting on the national Green Party convention (7/10-13, Chicago) where on the first round we nominated Cynthia McKinney for President of the United States and Rosa Clemente for Vice President. (See www.VoteTruth08.com)

July 16: Localism
Mark Lacy (Houston Institute for Culture)
Jay Crossley (Gulf Coast Institute)
Gary Edmondson (Urban Harvest)
Michelle Barnes
(Community Artists' Collective)
Watch the show online at GOOGLE VIDEO.

July 2: I.C.E. Raids and Detention Centers
Edmundo Rocha, publisher and editor or XicanoPwr.com
Amanda Ulman, Socialist Workers Party candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, Texas 9th Congressional District

Watch the show online at GOOGLE VIDEO.

June 18: Race and Racism (Juneteenth)
Cherry Steinwender (Center for Healing Racism) - Healing Racism;
Parnell Herbert (People's Institute for Survival and Beyond) - Undoing Racism
Watch the show online at GOOGLE VIDEO.

June 4: Impact of Rising Energy Prices on Transportation in Houston

Robin Holzer (Chair, Citizens' Transportation Coalition)
Peter C. Bishop, Ph.D. (Future Studies Program, Univ. of Houston)
Watch the show online at GOOGLE VIDEO.

May 21: Workers' Rights in a right-to-work state
GUEST Mike Espinoza (political director, SEIU local
) discusses the struggle by service workers to be paid well and get benefits such as health care and paid vacation from Aramark, a major employer nationwide with many local contracts, including the city, HISD, U of H, Reliant stadium, etc.
(plus a little video from the Immigrant Rights march May 1)
Watch the show online at GOOGLE VIDEO.

May 7 : The Role of Politics in Changing America
Gloria Rubac, Sherry Clausell, Christine Morshedi
A conversation among a Socialist, a Democrat, and a Green, facilitated by our host, Brian Harrison.
Watch the show online at GOOGLE VIDEO.

April 23: Toxic Tour around east Houston
GUEST Juan Parras (www.tejasbarrios.org) takes us on a tour of Manchester, Chavez High School, and the neighborhood, and discusses environmental racism with our host.
Watch the show online at GOOGLE VIDEO.

April 9: UH Students Against Sweatshops
GUESTS: Timothy O'Brien, Leticia Silva, Brendan Laws (http://uhstudentsagainstsweatshops.wordpress.com/)
Watch the show at GOOGLE VIDEO.

March 26: No New Nukes
Guest Producer: Cameron Payne
Tom "Smitty" Smith, Environmental Lobbyist (Public Citizen)
Watch the show online at GOOGLE VIDEO.

March 12 : Dealing with hearing disabilities
(With closed captions on our show, a first.)
Teri Wathen, Hearing Loss Specialist
Chris Conway, Assistive Phones Program
Jose C. Gonzalez, Hearing Loss Specialist
Guruatma Kaur Khalsa
Susan R. Henley
Peggy Ann Antone
) 713.524.6777
[this was the first time Greenwatch did closed captioning, and so far the only time - as of 6/2008 - and the first time in a long time HMS has done so - not since the time of Marshall, we hear. thanks, Susan and Peggy! -art]
Watch the show online at GOOGLE VIDEO.

February 27: new Winter Soldier campaign
Guest Jim Rine, President of local chapter of Veterans for Peace talked with host Brian Harrison about the upcoming Winter Soldier gathering in Washington DC for March 14 of 2008; we also showed troublesome clips from the WINTER SOLDIER and THE GROUND TRUTH.

February 13 : Cynthia McKinney in Houston, Texas
Green Party candidate for nomination to President of the United States Cynthia McKinney came to Houston, Texas, on Tuesday, February 12, 2008, and spoke at S.H.A.P.E. Community Center. She has come before, and will return soon. Seek out her other speeches on the the web. Meanwhile,
Watch Cynthia speak at GOOGLE VIDEO.
See also a half-hour interview from NewYork that we incorporated in our show.

January 30: Remove DA Rosenthal et al.
Guests: Minister Robert Mohammad, Brother Deric Mohammad, Gloria Rubac, and Parnell Herbert, all of the Coalition for Social Justice. SIGN THE PETITION!
Watch the show online at GOOGLE VIDEO.
See also a 90-sec YouTube video from the march.

January 16: Immigrants and Human Rights, promoting the national conference "Claiming our Rights, Envisioning our Future: Communities Organizing for Justice" to be held in Houston January 18-20. See NNIRR web site.

January 2 : STOP EXECUTIONS! This show includes coverage of October 27 March and Rally against the Death Penalty and video from Ireland (EURWORLDTV). Throughout the show, fill-in host Art and guest Nancy Bailey (Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty) discuss recent developments in the fight against executions and local actions; promote the annual state convention of TCADP.
Watch the show online at GOOGLE VIDEO.

(Related video, a freebie: Keynote Speech by Mike Farrell:
at 2008 Annual Conference TCADP)

Previous years (click on the year to see details)

2007 Includes: Clean Elections, 4 impeachment shows, 2 health care shows, Katrina survivors, water, black history, Tazers, Texas Greens, and much more.

2006 Includes: SHROC VI, Justice for Janitors, Elections 2006, Defending Women's Rights, Domestic Violence, Climate Crisis, Mountaintop Removal, Houston Social Forum, Immigrant Rights, Mental Health, and much more.

2005 Includes: Frances Newton, Election Fraud, Immigration, Women's Health, Iraq War, Veterans, Etc.

2004 Includes: Values and Politics, Radical Encuentro, Texas Water Resources, Mr. Sharon Tear Down that Wall, Electronic Elections, Proposition 1 (Spring 2004 in Houston), What is going ON in Haiti, Immigrants and Homeland Security.

2003 Includes: Local Elections (Dec 10; Oct 1, 15, 31; Sep 17), Simplicity, Iraq Quagmire, Globalization/WTO, Hispanic Politics, Gay Rights, Tree Sitting, Cuba, Health Care, FCC, Flooding, Women and War, Labor Day, War and Immigrants, Death Penalty (Apr 3, Jan 23), Progressive Media, Living Wage, Peace Movement, and the Souls of Black Folk.

2002 Includes: Civil Rights in Perilous Times (Robert Jensen, Danalyn Recer), Police Accountability (Civilians Down, Corpus Justice, Copwatch), Rahul Mahajan for Governor, Texans for Gun Safety, The New Katy Freeway, Labor Day Special, HIV at home and in the world, Plan Colombia, Pacifica Radio, Health Care for All, Palestine, Latino Labor, Congo Conflict, African American History, Enron and Deregulation, Cuba, statewide Green Party candidates for office, and more.

2001 Includes: School of the Americas Watch, Peace, Middle East Policy, LGBT Politics in Houston, Alternative Media, Marijuana Law Reform, Immigration Issues, Death Row, Prisons and Criminal Justice (Ray Hill), Corporate Misbehavior (Ralph Nader taped), Third World Debt (Jere Locke), Environmental Issues, Green Party supported local candidates, and more.

Music played during the show (especially during in-tro and out-tro) has been an evolving element. In the beginning back in late 1999/early 2000 or so, canned 'public domain' clips gave something... Then we got a Free Radicals CD and encouragement to use it on the air free from Houston musician/activist Nick Cooper, so we used several cuts from that pretty exclusively for a year or so. Then on KPFT's Democracy Now! we heard "Is It For Freedom" by Sara Thomsen, tracked her down and got permission to use that song, so did and still do upon occasion. We also play songs from GASCD, including Bruce Cockburn "Call It Democracy", Propaghandi "Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes", Michael Franti "Oh My God", Rheostatics "Bad Time to be Poor" -- Get this excellent double disk set! (GASCD: Governments Accountable to Society and Citizens = Democracy; thanks, Susan and Alan in Ontario, for turning us on to this.) And we're looking to air tunes from Green Revolution when/if Sudden Death responds. Listen up for David Rovics, Dave Lippman, or you never know who might show up live in the studio, Darryl Cherney did once... Come on down! Our show ends at 10:00 PM and a short, topical song might fit in real nice to close the show...

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