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Becky Stephens
Art Browning


Current Crew includes:
Suzy Wager,
Lytle Seibert,
Jonathan Swiler,
Jon Axford,
Don Cook,
Chris Switzer,
C. Lee Taylor,
Brian Harrison,
Brad Burkons,
Bonnie Lambourn,
Becky Stephens, &
Art Browning

Honored past crew:
Shelly Fitzgerald, Scott Trimble,
Rupert, Michael Poehls, John Tarleton, Gretchen Hollingsworth, Gordon Anderson, Charlie Mauch, Cameron Payne, David Cobb,
and more, in supportive and
contributory roles.

Music Credits

Lists of shows from years past:

Our Media Heroes:
Amy Goodman,
Bill Moyers,
Flashpoints, FSRN, HIMC,
KPFT News,
Voices at Work,
Ray Hill.
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 Greenwatch TV -- past programs, 2006
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December 20: Hopes for the future in local, state, national, and world politics. Guests: Bill Crosier (PAA), and Jenifer Rene Poole (GLBT Houston); show began with a few minutes of Angela Davis speaking at SHROC VI, a significant event that happened in Houston following our previous show.)

December 6 : Feature the 6th bi-annual Southern Human Rights Organizers Conference (SHROC VI ), held in Houston this weekend December 8-10: "Black and Brown: Unite to Fight"
Guests: Maria Jimenez, Obidike Kamau, Trevor Palacios, and Jabiru Hill.

November 22: a previously taped program (Thanksgiving Eve) -- QUESTION FOR FELLOW CREW MEMBERS: which of our evergreen shows aired??? art

November 8 : JUSTICE FOR JANITORS in Houston
Guests included Mike Espinoza, Natali Fani, and Nancy Lopez, all members and/or supporters of SEIU.

October 25: ELECTIONS: interviews and campaign speeches from the field, plus live guests Randall Kallinen and Jim Henley. We met with Green write-in candidate Charles Waterbury (for Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice), and David Van Os (for Texas Attorney General) during the week before and caught their words and faces for YOU, our viewers!

October 11 : Election Protection
1. James Goodwille Pierre (longtime voting reform activist, now candidate for Harris County Clerk)
2. Kip Humphrey (concerned citizen working for verifiable voting, founder of 51 Capitol March)

What happens to your ballot after you vote? Do you ask for a piece of paper when you use an ATM? Does your home computer always behave as you expect? Why have exit polls gone askew? Or have they? You ask what is happening here, but you don't really know, do you, Mr. Jones?

September 27: Texas Bioneers
Guests: We had several very actively involved people on TV at this time, leading up to the October 20-22 event at University of Houston main campus. They are all choosing to make the world a better place by learning and teaching sustainablility.
1. Hester Lillie Bloom (Texas Bioneers Registrar)
2. Shushana Castle
Sherry Greenberg
Dr. David Heroy (Geologist knowledgable about climate change)
See Blackwood Land Institute (Cath Conlon)

September 13 : Defend Women's Rights
1) Rochelle Tafolla, PP-HSET, Media and Public Relations
2) Anitra Daniel, PP-HSET Volunteer Coordinator
3) Deborah Bell, President, Houston Area NOW chapter
Context is the siege of the Fannin Street Planned Parenthood clinic, which celebrates its 70th anniversary next month.
See PP-Houston South East Texas.

August 30: Commerce Street Arts Project
Clement Aldridge, Executive Director, Commerce Street Arts Foundation
Lee Benner, Founder, Commerce Street Arts Movement
(for more information, call 713.213.4289)

August 16: Domestic Violence
Kelly Young, Vice President Education and Outreach, Houston Area Women's Center (HAWC)
Eva Eitzen, Attorney, St. Francis Cabrini Center for Immigrant Legal Assistance (Catholic Charities)
Dr. Brene' Brown, Research Faculty, UH Graduate School of Social Work

HAWC Sexual Assault Hotline: 713.528.7273
HAWC Domestic Violence Hotline: 713.528.2121
Cabrini Center: 713.526.4611

August 2 : Net Neutrality; Wi-Fi in Houston
In-studio Guests:
1) Robert J. Nagle (Technical Writer/Trainer, Instructional Designer. Two e-mails: idiotprogrammer or robertdotnagle)
2) Janis Jefferson (Deputy Director, Information Technology Department & Digital Houston, Project Administrator)
Call-in Guest:
3) Gene Crick (Executive Director of the Metropolitan Austin Interactive Network, www.main.org. - Please see their mission statement.) gcrick@main.org
For more information about Net Neutrality, see Wikipedia. During the show, we aired one of the many, many clips available at www.savetheinternet.org which was from Hawaii and we hope you enjoyed it. See more by checking out the site, at least while bandwidth remains relatively unencumbered. Use it while you have it... You might lose it even if you use it, unless you act. Didn't Ralph Nader say something like, "If you don't do politics, politics will do you?" (Not quite that, but.)

July 19: Howard Guidry and the Death Penalty in Texas
Guests: Liz Lyon and Njeri Shakur (Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement)
We also aired
poetry readings videotaped a few nights earlier at The Pyramid Shop in a Solidarity Gathering. The Water Poet, Zin, and Regina read poems written by Howard Guidry, most of which appear his web site.
See Houston Indymedia under News for several items.

July 5: Climate Crisis
Guests: Louis Smith (co-facilitator of Houston Climate Protection Alliance) and Gertrude Barnstone. [Note: DALLAS SIGNS MAYORS’ CLIMATE PROTECTION AGREEMENT. When will Houston?]
During this show we mentioned Houston Peace Camp (July 17-21), sponsored by Women's International League for Peace & Freedom -- for information call 713.787.9677 or 713.726.1266

June 21: Pastors for Peace, Cuba Caravanistas
Guests: Ernest McMillan and Alma Cooper
We announced the Southern Girls Convention held in Houston later in the week.

June 7 : Pride Month, Houston -- transgender folk
1: Jenifer Rene' Pool (Houston GLBT Political Caucus)
2: Josephine Paulette Tittsworth (Transgender Unity)
3-4: Peggy and Melanie Ann Rudd (www.pmpub.com)
NOTE: We pre-taped this EXCELLENT SHOW, because lots of the crew had to be out of town on the day. We were not able to accept calls, which we always prefer to do; still, we welcome your comments, try via e-mail here.)

May 24: Conditions for women in 'liberated' Iraq.
Guests: Lee Loe, of Houston Peace News and Iraq Notebook; plus previously taped material, including a few moments with Diane Wilson, Medea Benjamin, and many Iraqi women; seek info via CODEPINK. This portion of the show previews later bits.
(The second half of the show comprised a previously taped half hour with Nick Cooper and Nadine Morandi talking about NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS, their hopes and plans for making 2006 and future years better for all of us on the planet.)

May 10: Mountaintop Removal (Coal mining)
Guests: Pauline Canterbury, Mary Miller, and Austin Hall, of Appalachian Voices, please write our congress people. (Detailed commentary and evidence making more of the last segment in our previous show.)
This show was largely previously taped, at Houston Media Source, PeopleTV, Houston, Texas. Several GWTV volunteers otherwise occupied gathered all the parts and put them together. You too, can be so occupied.. Step forward! Help us stay on the air, so to speak.)

April 26: Houston Social Forum; GPTX Ballot Access; Mountaintop Removal (Coal mining)
1: Heather, Jennifer, and Nick (www.houstonsocialforum.org -- Houston, Texas, April 29-30);
2: Suzy Wager, Treasurer, Harris County Green Party, about the petition drive;
3) Austin, of Appalachian Voices, talking about the need for action -- full-length GWTV show coming soon [June 7?].

April 12 : Immigrants in the United States, Follow-up from 3/15.
Guests: CRECEN, Karla Aguilar, Univ. St. Thomas students. Full credits coming soon; and we shall make copies of video as we make the time! (great show)

March 29: Mental Health, and how we face it in Harris County. Or do we?
1. Dr. John Sargent, Baylor College of Medicine and Ben Taub Hospital
2. Bonnie Cord, National Alliance on Mental Illness (www.NAMI.org)

March 15: HR 4437 abhorrent anti-immigrant legislation
1. Alix CaDavid, of House of David
Deacon Sam Dunning, Director, Catholic Campaign for Human Development, and Office of Justice and Peace, The Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston.
See also Catholic Charities

March 1: Coalition on Human Needs
Mandi Sheridan (Children at Risk).
2. Herb Rothschild (Houston Peace and Justice Center)
See calendar entries for March 8-9: Public Speak-out, conference.

February 15: Black History
1. Clif Smith, Host of "Community Dialogue: on KPFT 90.1 FM
2. Eric Blaylock, spoken word artist, "Equality"
3. Clement Aldridge, Clean Air Now
4. Jason Woods, Photographer, "Flash Gordon Parks"
See www.thebeautifulsideofugly.com

February 1: World Social Forum, Houston Social Forum
Guests: Jennifer Rooks, Heather Smith, Nick Cooper.
Houston Social Forum 2006

January 18: Educational Alternatives
Guests: Home schooling, Montessori principal, Krenie Stowe.

January 4: Re-airing of the previous, taped show (Abolition of Capital Punishment Activities in Houston over the past year or so.)
Note: While the worthy tape rolled this evening, we used the studio to pre-record a half-hour Roundtable on New Year Resolutions, to be completed with on-location footage, and aired at a later date.
Guests: Nadine Morandi and Nick Cooper

December 21 : Abolition of Capital Punishment
This show aired as a compilation of pre-taped events.
Features: Mecom Fountain vigil by Amnesty International Group 23 members and supporters, December 7; several events around the execution of Frances ewton, including words from her mother Iva Jewel Nelms, and Nanon Williams' mother Lee Bolton, and Gloria Rubac, Njeri Shakur, Jolanda Jones, and Maria Jimenez. The largest amount of time in the show consists of a talk by Sister Helen Prejean at her acceptance of the annual award given by Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty last year. The show closes with views of the annual signing of greeting cards to death row prisoners done by Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement members and supporters at the SHAPE center.

Previous years (click on the year to see details)

2005 Includes: Frances Newton, Election Fraud, Immigration, Women's Health, Iraq War, Veterans, Etc.

2004 Includes: Values and Politics, Radical Encuentro, Texas Water Resources, Mr. Sharon Tear Down that Wall, Electronic Elections, Proposition 1 (Spring 2004 in Houston), What is going ON in Haiti, Immigrants and Homeland Security.

2003 Includes: Local Elections (Dec 10; Oct 1, 15, 31; Sep 17), Simplicity, Iraq Quagmire, Globalization/WTO, Hispanic Politics, Gay Rights, Tree Sitting, Cuba, Health Care, FCC, Flooding, Women and War, Labor Day, War and Immigrants, Death Penalty (Apr 3, Jan 23), Progressive Media, Living Wage, Peace Movement, and the Souls of Black Folk.

2002 Includes: Civil Rights in Perilous Times (Robert Jensen, Danalyn Recer), Police Accountability (Civilians Down, Corpus Justice, Copwatch), Rahul Mahajan for Governor, Texans for Gun Safety, The New Katy Freeway, Labor Day Special, HIV at home and in the world, Plan Colombia, Pacifica Radio, Health Care for All, Palestine, Latino Labor, Congo Conflict, African American History, Enron and Deregulation, Cuba, statewide Green Party candidates for office, and more.

2001 Includes: School of the Americas Watch, Peace, Middle East Policy, LGBT Politics in Houston, Alternative Media, Marijuana Law Reform, Immigration Issues, Death Row, Prisons and Criminal Justice (Ray Hill), Corporate Misbehavior (Ralph Nader taped), Third World Debt (Jere Locke), Environmental Issues, Green Party supported local candidates, and more.

Music played during the show (especially during in-tro and out-tro) has been an evolving element. In the beginning back in late 1999/early 2000 or so, canned 'public domain' clips gave something... Then we got a Free Radicals CD and encouragement to use it on the air free from Houston musician/activist Nick Cooper, so we used several cuts from that pretty exclusively for a year or so. Then on KPFT's Democracy Now! we heard "Is It For Freedom" by Sara Thomsen, tracked her down and got permission to use that song, so did and still do upon occasion. We also play songs from GASCD, including Bruce Cockburn "Call It Democracy", Propaghandi "Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes", Michael Franti "Oh My God", Rheostatics "Bad Time to be Poor" -- Get this excellent double disk set! (GASCD: Governments Accountable to Society and Citizens = Democracy; thanks, Susan and Alan in Ontario, for turning us on to this.) And we're looking to air tunes from Green Revolution when/if Sudden Death responds. Listen up for David Rovics, Dave Lippman, or you never know who might show up live in the studio, Darryl Cherney did once... Come on down! Our show ends at 10:00 PM and a short, topical song might fit in real nice to close the show...

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