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Current Crew includes:
Michael Poehls,
Lytle Seibert,
Lee Taylor,
Jonathan Swiler,
Gordon Anderson,
Don Cook,
Chris Switzer,
Brian Harrison,
Brad Burkons,
Bonnie Lambourn,
Becky Stephens,
Art Browning,
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contributory roles.

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Greenwatch TV -- past programs -- 2003
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December 24: Christmas Eve
The studio was closed this evening, so we chose to air a tape from one of our favorite shows from the previous two dozen: the one from April 17 with Anna Nunez and Imran B. Mirza on Immigrants and War.

December 10: Elections
GUEST -- Grant Martin, political consultant (grant@gmcpolitics.com)
NOTES: Grant and our host, Brian Harrison, had a wide-ranging discussion. Topics included newly elected officials in Houston (Mayor-elect Bill White, City Controller-elect Annise Parker, and others), and the near win by a Green (Matt Gonzalez) in the San Francisco run-off for Mayor, and Instant Run-off voting

.November 26: Overconsumption/Simplicity (on the eve of Thanksgiving Day)
1. Nan Hildreth
2. Lisa Lipscomb
NOTES: Both Lisa and Nan enjoy spending time with Houston Simplicity Network. You may get in touch by calling 713-864-7105, or by attending the 2nd annual barter fair and potluck (see calendar). We aired three of the Adbuster ads (see www.adbusters.org) in honor of Buy Nothing Day the day after Thanksgiving. Another website worth visiting along these lines is www.affluenza.com

November 12: Iraq Quagmire
LIVE GUESTS, two Houstonians --
1. Mark Waller (Army Veteran and Peace Activist)
2. Nebeil Al-Oboudi (Iraqi-American)
AND Special Material taped live and edited through the past fortnight --
Maj. Doug Rokke, retired (former Army medical scientist, expert about depleted uranium)
4. Anne Bayerkohler (Military Families Speak Out; co-chair, Montgomery County Green Party)
NOTES: There are several web sites that you can visit to follow up on the many issues addressed in this show. For starters, see www.hpjc.org or www.hcjnw.org

October 29: Candidates for City Council (Nov. 4 elections)
1. Sue Lovell for Houston City Council, At-Large Position 4
2. Malaki Sims for Houston City Council, District C
3. Jolanda Jones for Houston City Council, At-Large Position 3

4. Dennis Carter for Houston City Council, District A
NOTES: All four candidates presented themselves well. We also aired footage from the press conference held on the steps of CIty Hall two days earlier in which candidates endorsed by Harris County Green Party spoke about their campaigns.

HISTORY Review -- Bob Buzzanco's taped segment dealt with the Constitutional Conventions of our country over two centuries ago.

October 15: Candidates for City Government (Nov. 4 elections)
1. Ada Edwards for Houston City Council, District D
2. Annise Parker for Houston City Controller

NOTES: Annise and Ada fielded several phone calls, discussed drainage fees and several other issues that allowed them to show the depth of their experience and their caring about real people and how decisions made at budgetary levels impact real people. Vote for Annise Parker for City Controller! Ada Edwards is indeed the anointed candidate for City Council, District D! What must we do when term limits come to bear???

HISTORY Review -- We actually wanted to air Buzz telling history, but Nixonian Gaps appeared on our tape and... foo. GO here and learn about Fanny Lou Hamer.

October 1: Candidates for HISD Board of Education seats (Nov. 4 elections)
1. Alice Pradia, HISD Board of Education, District 4 (www.votepradia.com, call 713.734.7565)
2. Doctor G. San Miguel, HISD Board of Education, District 4 (www.DoctorG4hisd.com, call 713.553.3731; email)
3. Joseph Rodriguez, HISD Board of Education, District 8 (Call 713.928.3250; jrodriguezhisd8@lycos.com)
NOTES: Alice and Doctor G gave everyone who listened insight to the front lines of education. They both have immense experience with how our children learn about the world. If your missed this show, you missed a lot. And Joseph knows what it is like to come up in the world as it is. Furthermore, if you weren't watching, you missed
HISTORY Review -- We aired some history from Bob about how America almost got it right? Maybe sorta kinda? Suez Canal in 1956; it's not yet on line yet. Still, to stay 'current' we suppose you can go here and read about how the US invaded Cuba in 1906. Gee; could that be Teddy R reincarnated as George W? Blow up a warship! Why don't we DO that... Naw, TR was a real rough rider, more's the pity... oh, wait. Fifty years later, Nasser sank vessels too? Hmm... kind of a Rainbow Warrior thing, but not really... Sorry, it's just art here, making ethereal connections. VOTE GREEN! if you vote at all.

September 17: Candidates for 3 Houston elected positions (Nov. 4 elections)
1. Iris Williams, HISD, District 2 (E-Mail lifeisgood@acninc.net or call 713.676.2651)
2. Michael Gomez, HISD, District 3 (E-Mail michael@gomezforhisd.com, call 713.649.7589, or visit www.gomezforhisd.com)
3. Jolanda Jones, for Houston City Council, At-Large Position 3 (Call 713.661.9884 to volunteer)
NOTES: If you watched this show you heard intelligent people speak about real issues (with one exception; see PS). Our lively guests had us so riveted that we could not bear to cut to the taped history segment. Sorry, Buzz. Viewers, see this, for what it would have been:
HISTORY Review -- Allende Overthrown, Sept 11, 1973.
PS: Some of us GreenWatchers feel like apologizing for the behavior of one despicable caller on this show. Though most would say that the fault is not ours, we hope to be able to prevent such puny crap from being spewed out on our show in the future; it was worse than Rush's oral diarrhea. The lesson to be learned is that IT happens, and our show is live; but more importantly, we must all always keep in mind that racists not only still exist, they act out. Be alert, and call them out whenever you can.

September 3: Globalization (on the eve of WTO meetings in Cancun)
1. Bob Buzzanco (History Professor, University of Houston)
2. Scott Parkin (Community Organizer, Houston Global Awareness Collective stopcafta@yahoo.com 832-725-6220)
NOTES: www.stopcafta.org, Texas Fair Trade Coalition; see Houston Indymedia to stay up to date.
HISTORY Review -- The Death of Ho Chi Minh (Buzz)

August 20: Local Hispanic Politics, y mas
1. Adriana Cadena (Community Political Organizer, SEIU - Service Employees International Union)
2. Maria Jimenez (Houston Coordinator, Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride www.iwfr.org)
3. Martha Olvera and Andrea Delgado (Freedom Riders)
NOTE: Our guests discussed not only local issues important to many people living in the Houston area, but also talked about universal problems such as voter registration, human rights, INS abuses, and much more. See Latinos por la Paz sites. Also contact the local Houston AFL-CIO coordinator, Richard Shaw 713.923.9473
HISTORY Review -- Police Riots at the Democratic National Convention (Chicago) in 1968; what a year. (Buzz)

August 6: Gay Rights in Houston and the Supreme Court decision about Lone Star sodomy
Ray Hill, Houston GLBT rights activist, and host of The Prison Show (KPFT 90.1 FM)
NOTE: This show had quite a few technical problems during the first third. We apologise; the main control board intermittently lost power, resulting in blank screens throughout the viewer population. However, most of the discussion with our primary guest did air. What you missed, we hope you heard by voice: a discussion with Chris Jarzombek, former co-chair, Harris County Green Party, about campaign issues.
HISTORY Review -- The dawn of the atomic age at Hiroshima, this day in 1945. (Buzz)

July 23: Tree-Sitting in Memorial Park against Maxxam deforestation
Raya Green (SACRED), with phone-in guests Remedy and Peter (Houston Earth F!rst). See these sites: Sacred Redwood, Headwaters Preserve, Life Before Capital
NOTE: This show included video taped extractions of tree-sitters in the Pacific coast redwood forests. Several of us GreenWatchers appear wandering around in the woods at the end during the credit roll.
HISTORY Review -- American involvement with Iraq and Saddam Hussein. (Buzz)

July 9: Cuba Revisited
1. Ernest McMillan (Pastors for Peace)
2. Gloria Rubac (National Committee to Free the Five)
NOTE: This show included taped interviews from the previous weekend with supporters of Pastors for Peace: Joaquina Rodriguez, Dr. Hazel Cebrun, Jermaine Carroll, and Baba Ifalade.
HISTORY Review -- 3 June 1926, Allen Ginsberg born in Newark, NJ. Reading of "America" - which stands with Howl as his most powerful critiques of life in the USA. (Buzz)

June 25: Medical Issues -- Health Cooperatives and Insurance

1. Dr. Paulo Borem (Co-Director, Unimed, Belo Horizonte, Brazil; vascular surgeon: pborem@unimedbh.com.br
2. Dr. Ana Malinow (co-founder, Health Care for All Texas), and
3. a taped interview of Dr. Atul Sherma and Dr. Vinod (University Clinic, New Delhi, India)
NOTE: This show revealed how health care works in other countries. In Brazil and India, all people have access to health care without having their illnesses break their budgets. Why not here?
HISTORY Review -- 8 June 1967, Israeli aircraft & boats attack USS Liberty during "Six Day War" against Arabs. (Buzz)

June 11: FCC -- the great media giveaway (The Gold Rush begins)

Garth Jowett (Director, School of Communication, Univ. of Houston), gjowett@uh.edu and Duane Bradley (Station Manager, KPFT 90.1 FM) KPFT website
NOTE: Garth, Duane, and Brian talked about how the recent decision by the FCC to remove many restrictions on ownership of the public airwaves may affect what we hear and see in the media.
HISTORY Review -- 26 May 1637, Puritan Capts. Mason and Underhill massacre 600 people, starting Pequot War. (Buzz)

May 28: Flooding and Development in Houston

Jim Blackburn (Houston Environmental Lawyer), Houston Voters Against Flooding and George Reiter (University of Houston Physics Professor and Green Party Activist)
NOTE: Jim and George talked about City Council, Harris County Flood Control District, and fielded several live phone calls.)
HISTORY Review -- 24 May 1941, Robert Zimmernan born in Hibbing, MN (Buzz)

May 14: Women and War

Janice Harper (Professor, Dept. of Anthropology, Univ. of Houston), UH Anthropology Faculty and Athea Davis.
NOTE: Janice, Athea, and Brian discussed how environmental legacies of warfare affect women as economic producers and biological reproducers, the structure of gender relations during war, international law, rape and rape as a war crime, the Japanese experience with comfort women and what we can learn from it, and much more.
(Also, this -- our first Wednesday show -- was preempted by the studio; we taped it anyway and they aired it the following Wednesday, May 21.)

May 1: International Labor Day

Larry Wagoner (Adjunct Professor, College of Technology, University of Houston), http://www.uh.edu/~wagon/home.htm
NOTE: Larry and our host, Brian Harrison, discussed the history of the labor movement in the the US and the world. We have set standards that have and should always benefit all workers; Now, increasing worship of profit as the ultimate bottom line erodes those rights globally.

April 17: War and Immigrants: Deportation? Disappearance? Dehumanization.
We chose to rebroadcast this on Christmas Eve, when the studio was closed and we could not have a live show.

Anna Núñez (Host of Latino Voices on Fridays at 10:00 AM on KPFT 90.1 FM Houston Radio Pacifica), http://www.kpft.org/studio/latinovoices.htm
Imran B. Mirza (Immigration Attorney with Quan, Burdette and Perez) http://www.quanlaw.com
-- See also Catholic Charities (http://www.catholicrelief.org)
-- and Alliance for Multicultural Community Services (http://www.alliance-houston.org)
NOTES: This show went into some detail about the rumored Patriot Act 2, which could allow nullification of constitutional rights of people born in the United States. (Not that such status makes anyone more of a human than anyone else.) Wake up!

April 3: The Death Penalty is a Hate Crime

Linda White (Murder Victims’ Families for Reconciliation, http://www.mvfr.org)
Dave Atwood (Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, http://www.tcadp.org)
See also Texas Criminal Justice Reform Coalition story on Ross Byrd http://www.ProTex.org/criminaljustice
NOTE: Human institutions are inherently fallible. Ask yourself: Do you trust the government with your money? Could you ever be the victim of mistaken identity? Or a frame up? What part of Thou Shalt Not Kill do we not understand?

March 20: Progressive Media and Reporting in Houston

Jackson Allers and Renee Feltz (co-directors, KPFT 90.1FM News Dept) 713-526-5738, http://www.kpft.org/news
see also Houston Independent Media http://houston.indymedia.org/

March 6: Universal Living Wage

Richard Troxell (Coordinator, ULW), http://www.UniversalLivingWage.org February 20: Bringing the Peace Movement to Houston

1. Selina Pishori (Campus Greens at St Thomas U)
2. Silvia Stewart (Houston Coalition for Justice Not War), http://www.houstonjusticenotwar.org
3. Gloria Rubac (Houston ANSWER) http://www.internationalanswer.org

February 6: Black History Month: The Souls of Black Folk

1. Dr. Sanders Anderson (Political Science Professor, TSU),
2. Dr. Franklin Jones (History Professor, TSU),

January 23: The Death Penalty in Texas and the World
1. Irene Aguilar (Anti-DP coordinator AI Group 23), http://www.amnestyhouston.org
2. Danalynn Recer (Director, Gulf Region Advocacy Center), http://www.gracelaw.org
also Board Member, Houston ACLU http://www.aclu-houston.org

January 9: Re-airing of Police Accountability show from Nov. 14, 2002
(scheduled guest fell ill at the last minute)

Previous Years:

2002 Includes: Civil Rights in Perilous Times (Robert Jensen, Danalyn Recer), Police Accountability (Civilians Down, Corpus Justice, Copwatch), Rahul Mahajan for Governor, Texans for Gun Safety, The New Katy Freeway, Labor Day Special, HIV at home and in the world, Plan Colombia, Pacifica Radio, Health Care for All, Palestine, Latino Labor, Congo Conflict, African American History, Enron and Deregulation, Cuba, statewide Green Party candidates for office, and more.

2001 Includes: School of the Americas Watch, Peace, Middle East Policy, LGBT Politics in Houston, Alternative Media, Marijuana Law Reform, Immigration Issues, Death Row, Prisons and Criminal Justice (Ray Hill), Corporate Misbehavior (Ralph Nader taped), Third World Debt (Jere Locke), Environmental Issues, Green Party supported local candidates, and more.

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