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Current Crew includes:
Michael Poehls,
Lytle Seibert,
Lee Taylor,
Jonathan Swiler,
Gordon Anderson,
Don Cook,
Chris Switzer,
Brian Harrison,
Brad Burkons,
Bonnie Lambourn,
Becky Stephens,
Art Browning,
and more, in supportive and
contributory roles.

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Greenwatch TV -- past programs -- 2002
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December 26 ( Holiday - Boxing Day):   Re-airing of taped show from Dec. 12.

December 12:   Civil rights, the war on terror, and homeland security
1. Robert Jensen (Prof. of Journalism, UT-Austin)
2. Danalynn Recer (American Civil Liberties Union)

November 28 (Thanksgiving Day):  Re-airing of taped show from Sept. 19 -- Iraq

November 14:   Police Accountability
1. Arlene Kelly (Civilians Down),  http://www.civiliansdown.com
2. Marilyn Head (Corpus Justice),  http://www.corpusjustice.org
3. Diane Bossom (CopWatch) ,   http://www.houstoncopwatch.org
4. Randall Kallinen (attorney)

October 31: Pre-Election Day Special:  Green Party TX Candidates
1. David Cobb: Green Party candidate for Attorney General of
2. Charles Mauch:  Green Party candidate for Railroad Commissioner

October 17: Green Party in Upcoming Elections, Nationally and Locally
1. Nathalie Paravicini: Green Party candidate for Lt. Governor of
2. Robbie Franklin: former Treasurer, Green Party of the
United States
3. Nicholas Skala: President, Campus Greens,
University of Houston

October 3: The Rahul Mahajan Show
Rahul Mahajan: Green Party Candidate for Governor of Texas

September 19: Iraq
1. Ken Freeland:
Houston Coalition for Justice Not War <HCJNW>
2. Aaron Ruby
3. Kirston Otis

September 5: The Katy Freeway of the Future
1. Polly Ledvina: Katy Corridor Coalition <www.katycorridor.org>
2. David Crossley: President, Gulf Coast Institute <www.liveablehouston.org>
3. Deb Shafto: Green Party candidate for Harris County Judge <Campaign Web Page>

August 22: Labor Day Special
1. E. Dale Wortham: President, Harris County AFL-CIO (713/923-9473)
2. Kitty Prouse: International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) 713-943-0716
3. Tim Pagel: Rank and file Teamster; co-host, Voices at Work on KPFT 90.1 FM (Fridays at
8 PM)
4. JosHua M. Darr: Organizer, Sheet Metal Workers Int’l Assoc. (SMWIA); Treasurer,
Harris County Green Party

August 8: HIV in Our Community and Around the World
1. Evelyn Pierce (HIV/AIDS Community Activist
2. Omowale Luthuli-Allen (Coordinator, Global Friendship & Development Project, Inc.

July 25: Community Sponsored Radio -- Pacifica
1. Duane Bradley (General Manager of KPFT/90.1 FM <www.kpft.org>)
2. Teresa Allen (Member of
Pacifica National Board & KPFT Local Advisory Board
3. Nusrat Malik (Host of KPFT program Border Crossings)

July 11:

June 27: Ending Gun Violence
1. Jennifer Beazley-Slaughter: Texans For Gun Safety 281-924-3545 www.texansforgunsafety.org
2. Texans ASK (Asking Saves Kids: PAX: Real Solutions to Gun Violence)

June 13: Post Convention Green Party TX candidates  www.txgreens.org
1. David Cobb: candidate for Attorney General
2. Jane Elioseff: candidate for Agricultural Commissioner
3. Charlie Mauch: candidate for Railroad Commissioner
4. Mike McInerney: candidate for Commissioner of Land

May 30: Plan Colombia
1. Gerry Kelly: Maryknoll Fathers  713-529-1912
2. Ken Crowley: School of the Americas Watch  www.soaw.org

May 16: The Health Care Crisis
1. Ana Malinow, MD: Co-Founder, Health Care For All & Texas Coalition for Universal Health Care
2. Lauren Oshman: Co-Founder, Health Care For All & Texas Coalition for Universal Health Care

May 2 The Conflict in Palestine
1. Jay Hamburger: Jewish Peace Activist  mailto:shalomsalaam@yahoogroups.com
2. Abbas Yaacoubi: United Holy Land Fund  www.uhlf.org

April 18: Labor and Worker Rights in the Latino Community
1. Angela Mejia: President, Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LACLA) 832-524-6158
2. Adriana Cadena: Service Employees International
Union (SEIU) (Part of AFL/CIO)  713-896-7971
3. Maria Jimenez: American Friends Service Committee  713-926-2799

April 4:  The April 20, 2002 Protest in Washington DC.:
1. David Michael Smith: Progressive Worker’s Organizing Committee & Houston ANSWER  www.internationalanswer.org  mailto:dsmith2740@houston.rr.com
2. Maureen Haver:
Harris County Green Party  www.hcgp.org

March 21:  The Conflict in the Congo (2003 update via Human Rights Watch)
1. Marcus Mpwo: Congolese Community of Houston  mailto:comcongo@hotmail.com
2. Larvester Gaither: Editor & Publisher of the Gaither Reporter  mailto:GaitherRep@aol.com
3. Dr. Horace Campbell: Black Radical Congress (Phone in guest from
Syracuse N.Y.)

March 7:  (Repeat of February 7 show)

February 21: on African American History (Black History Month)
1. Mwalimu Fana: Minister, Shrine of the Black Madonna <www.shrinebookstore.com> 713-645-1071
2. Obidiki Kamau: Director,
Texas Southern University Library

 February 7: The 2002 Green Party Election Campaign
1. Earl Gerhard: Chair, 2002 Campaign, HCGP 
2. Chris Jarzombek: Co-Chair, HCGP
3. George Reiter, Green Party
Candidate, US House of Representatives, District 25
4. Deborah Shafto: Candidate, Harris County Judge

January 24: Enron and Deregulation
1. Richard Alderman: University of Houston Law Center <www.peopleslawyer.net>
2. Barbara Shook: Houston Bureau Chief, Energy Intelligence Group
3 Angelina Lorio: Former Enron Employee

January 10: Cuba
1. Dr. Tom Kleven, Professor of Law, Thurgood Marshall School of Law
2. Miles Rodriguez,
Rice University Law Student, Rice Students for Global Justice

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