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These goals are not exclusive or comprehensive and are not intended to limit members' involvement in causes of their choice.

These goals are part of a continuing process of focusing HCGP resources and energies on important, clearly defined organizational goals. All HCGP members are invited to join this process.




HCGP 2003 Goals

Our mission is to transform politics into a democratic process that serves justice, dignity, and sustainability. In 2003, the following objectives will guide and measure, though not limit, our work toward that mission:

1. Help elect a Green Party member or Green Party-endorsed progressive to local public office.
2. Increase the HCGP database by 500 names.

Work in coalition with three progressive organizations, by engaging in three joint activities per group, to promote shared key values and empowering relationships.

4. Speak forcefully for peace, civil rights, and other important issues by endorsing, organizing, and participating in public actions.
5. Implement a regular program to welcome, follow up, educate, and guide new members toward engaged activism and leadership.
6. Designate an outreach coordinator responsible for scheduling, planning, and ensuring a Green Party presence at major festivals and other public events.

Host the 2003 National Green Party Coordinating Committee Meeting.

8. Establish a Campaign 2004 Workgroup by Aug. 1 to address ballot access, candidate recruitment, and other electoral issues.
9. Raise $3,000 for internal expenses, $2,500 for the 2003 campaign, and $5,000 for 2004 campaigns through one major fund-raising event, two mail outs to the county database, and five house parties.
10. Participate in four community-service actions, such as neighborhood clean-ups or emergency relief, that engages us on a human level.


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