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Each of the noted candidates and issues has been officially endorsed by the Harris County Green Party Steering Committee and the General Membership.

Candidates and Issues must go through a screening process before they receive an official endorsement.

Candidate Endorsement Process

Issue Endorsement Process



Endorsements and Campaigns

Being a presidential election year, 2012 will have unusually high voter turnout. In addition, the Green Party will be on the ballot in Texas. We are not involved in primaries, but are in the process of nominating candidates by convention. Please see the calendar for dates, times, and places.

Previous candidate and election cycle endorsements

  • 2003 Election Cycle

    Houston City Government elections (Nov. 4; runoff Dec. 6)
    This year, we experienced the pleasure of having candidates seek our endorsements and assistance with their campaigns. Part of this came about because a few Greens took it upon themselves to join a coalition of citizens who proactively selected and groomed some progressive candidates for the major local school board (Houston Independent School District - HISD, which has been in the national news upon occasion lately). We also had a hand in some races for City Council, and supported the new City Controller. See our page about the candidates as it was just after the runoff elections.

    The city should have used IRV (Instant Runoff Voting). It would have saved time and a million bucks, it would have eliminated the 'wasted vote' syndrome by ranking candidates (1, 2, 3) and requiring a majority of votes to win. IRV would consolidate local runoff elections into one money-saving vote. And how about proportional representation as a more FAIR way of doing democracy than gerrymandering? Reform It Now! The only good thing about the runoff was weekend voting -- but we could go one better than that and make Election Tuesdays national holidays!

    Constitutional Amendments (Sept. 13)
    While there was little enough campaigning we could do, we put a little shoe leather to ground in terms of blockwalking, got some licks in on our TV show, and generally all sighed with disappointment when low turnout, heavy advertising, and prejudicial wording of the propositions themselves on the ballot resulted in, well... See this

    • 2002 Election Cycle

    Statewide and local candidates running as Greens
    This year, we ran a strong slate of people whose names appeared on the ballot as OUT GREENS, due to the enablement of the warm turnout during the 2000 election cycle that ended up with our governor moving from Austin to Washington, DC. See this link for some history.

    Campaigns for People
    Campaigns for People seeks to make the Texas Ethics Commission do its job. Texas has one of the worst campaign finance systems in the United States. Responsible for enforcement of campaign law, the Texas Ethics Commission does not do its job. In ten years, the TEC has heard over 700 complaints, yet has only held one public enforcement hearing! On April 23 or 24, 2002, the Sunset Commission will hold hearings on the TEC to determine its future. Come and support law enforcement for all citizens, including politicians.
    endorsed Feb 2002 | More Info: www.campaignsforpeople.org | Campaigns for People's Answers to Green Screen

    Health Care for All

    As its name suggests, Health Care For All seeks fair medical coverage for all Americans.
    endorsed Feb 2002 | More Info: www.healthcareforalltexas.org.

    • 2001 Election Cycle

    Ada Edwards for Houston City Council District D
    endorsed Jul 2001 | WE WON!!

    Barbara Ashley for Houston City Council At-Large Position 4
    Ashley's Answers to Green Screen | endorsed Jul 2001

    Ted Weisgal for Houston Board of Education Position 9
    Weisgal's Answers to Green Screen | endorsed Fall 2001

    Against Proposition 2

    • 2000 Election Cycle

    Successful petition drive for ballot access. Exponential growth in party membership and public awareness. See About Us for a little history.

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